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Current Releases

Our wines are available in your local liquor department.

Walmart display of NM wines

Within the State of New Mexico, at Walmart, Albertsons, Costco, Walgreens, Kelly's and Quarters, they carry a limited selection of the wines listed below.

Red Wines
Residual Sugar
Pinot Noir 2016 0% Total Ponderosa grapes. Full nose and fruity finish - Pinot goes with everything.
Cabernet Savignon 2018 0%

Deep red barrel aged Cab. Full tannins with bright cherry fruit. It's BBQ time!

2017 Cabernet Franc 0% A full bodied, heavy tannin red. Good with red meats, BBQ. 100% NM grapes from Deming.
2017 Tre Rossi 0% A blend of Alianico, Nebbiolo, and Barbara grapes. Soft mouth, dry with full body.
Rosé 0% White Merlot, aged 2 days on the skins, pressed, cold fermented. Great with everything.
2017 Merlot 0%

Barrel-aged, round tannins with full body. Excellent with pot roast, BBQ and dinner.

Grenache-Syrah 0%

Rhone style blend with hints of cherry, a light touch of oak. Good with roast pork / turkey.

Jemez Red 2% Beaujolais-style red table wine. Baco Noir, Ruby Cab & Nebbiolo. (favorite)
Redondo Red 4% Ruby Cab, Leon Mellot, Baco & Pino Noir.
Vino de Pata 6% Smooth and sweet festival/holiday blend. Ruby Cab, Leon Millot, Colombard
Chuparrosa 10% Berry fruit, full bodied & sweet.
2005 NM Light Port 2% Rich Cabernet Flavors, ripe fruit with a rich nose.
2018 NM Light Port 12% 100% Syrah. Coming soon.

White Wines


Dry Riesling 2017
Fruity finish, light dry wine, floral aromatics. Goes great with salmon, turkey, and salad
$20 Chardonnay 2015
Barrel aged, 50% new, soft mouth, full buttery oak. Fermented in stainless steel.
$18.50 2014 Savignon Blanc
Dry crisp and with a grapefruit finish.Great with fish and light meals.
$16.50 Summer Sage
Voidal Villard, Golden Muscat & Riesling - Hot Tub Wine - Mary's favorite.
$13.50 Jemez Blush
Ruby Cab & Chenin Blanc blend. A great porch sipper.
$17.50 2017 NM Riesling
100% Ponderosa grapes. German style, tropical aromas, great with picnics and spicy foods.
$16.50 Chamisa Gold
Vidal, Seyval & Muscat Caneli. Great with spicy foods and fresh fruit.
$18.50 La Novia
The "Sweetheart or Bride" wine. This wine has a hint of cherries with lots of fruit.
$16.50 Late Harvest Reisling
Split bottle; 12.7% rs, Dessert Wine. Ponderosa Vineyard grapes "Get Lucky Tonight".